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2012 Year GKG G5 SMT Solder Machine Stencil Printer

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 Squeegee pressure can be independently programmed.
Direct motor driven lead screws for front and rear movement provide a stable leveling of the squeegee for precise solder paste
Vision and Optics
Uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light equipped with ultra adjust
able brightness control and Hitachi CCD enhance the image's resolution and accuracy, and ensures the fast and exact identification
of registration marks, pads or apertures.
These make the superior vision performance in both alignment and post print inspection.
Stencil Cleaner
New design of paper over plenum with enhanced vacuum suction gives the best results and ensures no solder paste remains in the
stencil apertures.
The three modes, Dry, Wet, Vacuum, can be individually selected or combined for use.
PCB Clamping
Top clamping
Side clamping
Vacuum pins (option)
Vacuum hold down box (option)
Our unique PCB top and side clamping methods are completely adjustable to optimize the process and to ensure high quality
Stencil Framed Clamping System
GKG uses unique highly adaptable stencil-frames clamping that enable the printing of a wide variety of frame sizes and also allows
simple and fast changeover between different jobs.
Easy To Use Interface
Intuitive operator interface
Easy programming
2D Solder Paste Print Inspection
The G5 and the K series incorporate 2D inspection capability (optional).
The 2D system detects all solder paste deposition defects such as offset, lack of paste, coverage, bridges etc.. and ensures
quality print.